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A MSHDA loan is a special loan put out by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. It is specifically designed to help make purchasing a home affordable for first time buyers and those with moderate incomes. The most popular program is MSHDA’s Down Payment Assistance (DPA). This provides a small interest free 2nd mortgage towards your required down payment and closing costs. You are only required to have a small down payment. There are even more expanded DPA options for people with disabilities.

MSHDA can be used with FHA, RD, and VA loans. Frequently, MSHDA offers rates below the market on these products. We also have an exciting Graduate Purchase Assistance program where you may qualify for a below market interest rate if you’ve recently received your Associates, Bachelors, or Doctorate degree program and are purchasing in select areas.

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There are two ways to start the home buying process. The first is a prequalification.
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I Want to Buy a Home

Buying a home can seem daunting and it’s hard to know where to start. Let us help.
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I Want To Build a Home

We can work with our local homebuilders to create a construction loan.
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